Weekend reflection #51 pregnancy update

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It is Saturday when again. nothing truly interesting occurred this past week, so this may be a short article.

We got back from San Diego last Friday as well as I spent most of my time this past week catching up on my blog as well as organizing my blogging business. I’ve decided that I requirement to take my blog serious as well as treat it like a business. I’ve tried numerous house businesses in the past including direct sales as well as my blog has been the only one that I’ve really brought in a revenue from. So I understand that I can make some great money with this if I put my mind to it as well as work additional hard.

On Wednesday I started to show indications of preterm labor for the very first time during this pregnancy. I am only 24 weeks as of Thursday so it is a bit early for me to be experiencing preterm labor. When I was about 25 weeks together with Ciara I was hospitalized for pre-term labor. They provided me some shots to stop the contractions as well as put me on an iv. After an overnight stay as well as prescription medication they were able to get the contractions under control. I was likewise put on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. however Ciara was still born 5 weeks early.

When I was expecting with Conan I was better to 30 weeks when I very first started experiencing pre-term labor. We understood the gender that time around as well as the physician stated that premature boys have a harder time than premature women do so I was put on the exact same medication as well as overall bed rest up until I reached week 36. Conan was only born 2 weeks early. They thought about him to be full term.

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When I was expecting with Courtney I was young as well as had no concept what contractions felt like. My water broke prematurely at 36 weeks. I definitely do not want that to occur this time around around.

To make a long story short, my father-in-law took the youngsters on Thursday as well as Friday so I might rest. This assisted allocate as well as my contractions went away. ideally they will not come back this week.

الصغار يبذلون قصارى جهدهم. Courtney went back to institution as well as she spent the night last night at a good friends house. Ciara is starting to behave a bit much better as well as she only ended up sleeping with mom as well as dad a couple of times this week. Conan is already acting like he is two as well as he is only 21 months. Chris took the youngsters with him to the fitness center this morning as well as at the kid care center there Conan threw a fit. I assumption he had a poopy stinky in his pants as well as didn’t like it so he stuck his hands in his pants as well as scrubed everything over himself. I’m so happy I wasn’t there!

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful week. I’d like to hear exactly how it went. If you choose to join us for weekend reflection this week don’t fail to remember to leave your link!


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